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Allied Health Rural Generalist Program

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Study Period 16   Study Period 17  
Module begin 17 August 2020    Module begin 5 October 2020  
  • MO1004: Rural and Remote 
    Organisation Context
  • MO1005: Strategies for Rural and
    Remote Service Delivery
  • MO1009: Older Persons Health
  • MO1012: Neurological Conditions
  • MO1015: Pyscho-Social
  • MO1018: Care for High Risk
  • MO1021: Food and Health
  • MO1031 Mental Health
  •  MO1006: Quality Improvement
  • MO1010: Diabetes and its 
  • MO1013: Musculoskeletal and
    Orthopaedic Subacute Conditions
  • MO1016: Fast Focused 
    Assessment with Sonography
    in Trauma
  • MO1019: Oedema and
  • MO1024: Advanced and Extended
    Scope Exposure
  • MO1226: Drug and Alcohol
  • MO1027: Remote Medical Imaging
  • MO1030: Trauma and Crisis